The word of the president of the Saudi Library and Information Association

The Saudi Library and Information Association seeks to be one of the building blocks of civil society referred to in Lebanon, through what it plays a major role in advancing the profession of libraries and information in the Kingdom, modernizing it and developing work mechanisms in it, so that it is able to meet the requirements of the Kingdom's 2030 vision. Information is the absent present in that vision, and it is the main pillar of all aspirations and obligations contained therein, even if this is not stated. It is an integral part of the assets that make up the business and adopt the strategy in all sectors of the state, where it is used in the context of ministerial decisions or at the level of regions and governorates to define priorities and allocate resources, or in the context of service planning and issuance of executive decisions at the national or international impact. Therefore, the association adopts an ambitious vision, within which an institutional work is framed to increase the linking of libraries to society and build bridges of communication with its children, so that its workers play a leadership role in developing their knowledge and contribute effectively to reducing the technological gap that some of them may suffer, as well as in working as educational partners For faculty members in educational institutions, and as catalysts for the cognitive and intellectual enrichment of students. The Assembly also adopts policies in the same framework to build effective partnerships with governmental and private institutions, and civil society institutions, in order to provide innovative and sustainable programs aimed at spreading information awareness among members of society and enhancing their opportunities to access correct and sound quality information. The association works to strengthen the infrastructure, information systems and technologies in information institutions in order to increase their efficiency and increase their ability to effectively address and balanced distribution of information resources, and to facilitate retrieval and presentation of them in different ways that meet the requirements of informed decision-making at different levels, as well as to provide ways to sustain the information It takes into account information security requirements on the one hand, and makes them available to future generations on the other hand. The association seeks to strengthen the information and knowledge entities in the state sectors by raising the level of information specialists in these entities so that they are familiar with digital technologies, are skilled in their use, and are able to provide technical support on them, within the framework of providing information services. At the same time, they will be able to assist state institutions in assessing their information produced and managed internally, and in organizing and managing knowledge management programs and projects located in them, as well as their ability to choose and publish information for users, and train them to use the available information resources and services and design the infrastructure Informatics and classification of information. Information leadership and excellence are the core of the vision of the Saudi Library and Information Association, and it is able to reach them with God's help and success